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an important added value

Scientific research underlines that diversity in the workplace is an important added value. The advantages mentioned include: an increase in resilience, in creativity, in innovative thinking and a greater solution-oriented approach. Cultural diversity makes the carrying capacity within an organization stronger and becomes intertwined with the identity of the organization. Every day we help people throughout the Netherlands to reintegrate nationally, digitally and at home with another mother tongue. Not speaking another language? no problem, we believe in suitable work for everyone!


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    recognition for multilingual talent

    We are the first reintegration agency specialized in counseling and mediation of job seekers who speak a different language. It's about more than finding another job quickly. We connect cultures and that is necessary in an internationalizing world. We help people, organizations and government with reintegration processes, language training, advice and coaching of outplacement.


    On the basis of targeted activities, we empower people (again) so that they become fit for work again and can take control of their careers themselves.


    In the event of long-term absenteeism (track 2 reintegration), we offer professional support in finding suitable work outside our own organization.


    In a tailor-made individual reintegration process, possibly combined with group training, we together find the way to new, suitable and sustainable work.

    'Abtro reintegration agency connects cultures and that is necessary in an internationalizing world'


    reintegrating is already complicated enough

    We are a national service that mainly helps non-native speakers find suitable work within six months and advises organizations on prevention and absenteeism. To this end, we are successfully deploying our three-step program, carried out by committed and expert consultants. They are in close contact with our international network of employers. We speak the same language, there is always a branch nearby and if necessary, we will visit you personally. The advantages:

    successful trajectories for non-native speakers

    attention to cultural aspects and life experience

    deployment of targeted reintegration activities

    professional guidance from the right labor market specialization

    focus on individual possibilities and wishes

    with mutual understanding, without underlying frustration


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