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charity & sponsorship

With her board seat in industry association OVAL (Organization Vitality, Activation and Career), CEO Nadira Ettahiri is committed to cultural diversity in the labor market at a high level. Multiculturalism is therefore literally and figuratively in its DNA. “As a young girl I already had something with international allure. We are all global citizens living together on this planet, we have to do it together.”

Her drive is based on the desire to inspire and motivate others. Abtro reintegration agency believes in talent development and the importance of youthful vitality. That is why we are, among other things, a proud sponsor of the hockey girls MC11 of MHC Fletiomare in Utrecht.

We also support projects such as The School Girls of Azaghar Foundation, to enable young girls in the high mountain areas of northern Morocco to receive education for as long as possible. We give a warm heart to the less fortunate and support projects for food parcels. Youth is the future and we want to invest in it. That is why we structurally donate part of our trajectory rates to a foundation that helps orphans.

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