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Our Core values

Founded in 2004 as the first reintegration agency specialized in counseling and mediation of job seekers who speak a different language, we have grown into a national service with international allure. Our services are national, digital and at home. All over the Netherlands, we help people with a different mother tongue to reintegrate on a daily basis. Not speaking another language? no problem, we believe in suitable work for everyone!


We deliver results through the high quality of our work, by honoring agreements and achieving lead times. We place clients in suitable work and successfully complete processes. We deliver reports in accordance with the reporting requirements. We remain professional under all circumstances.

To connect

We speak the languages of our target group and know the cultures. We bring foreign language talent and employers together. We know the power of cultural diversity in the workplace and can bridge boundaries. We have the unique ability to creatively come up with solutions in connecting common interests.


We are knowledgeable and have effective, cultural communication skills, both internally and externally. We have a professional appearance, consistently show the behavior and actions of an expert.


We are honest and sincere in life, take a neutral position. We are able to put the interests of the organization first and to act in good conscience. We keep our promises, agreements and obligations. All employees are loyal, reliable, involved and have a great sense of responsibility.

Social impact

Structural donations

Did you know that Muslims worldwide are required to give 2.5% of their wealth to charity? A great concept to create more fairness in the world between rich and poor. For example, we structurally give a percentage of our profit to the organization "Habiba chairty"

In addition, we also give away 2.5% annually Nationale zakaat fonds. In this way we hope to contribute to a more beautiful and promising world. What impact do you make?

We make an impact, but we don't do this alone

There are dozens of multicultural organizations that are committed to diversity and inclusion. Abtro re-integration agency likes to work with other impact makers.

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