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non-native speakers

Abtro non-native speakers

tailor-made guidance and a suitable job

Specific reintegration processes for non-native speakers are more intensive and successful. Mutual understanding prevents stagnation during the process because mutual frustrations do not occur. Our reintegration consultants and program counselors have professional, language and cultural knowledge. That forms the basis for the guidance that is needed. For the time being, our reintegration programs are offered in the following languages: Polish, Turkish & Arabic.

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Personal attention

an added value

We are a national service that mainly helps non-native speakers find suitable work within six months and advises organizations on prevention and absenteeism. To this end, we are successfully deploying our three-step program, carried out by committed and expert consultants. They are in close contact with our international network of employers. We speak the same language, there is always a branch nearby and if necessary we will visit you personally.

Our intake focus:

  • match between employee and reintegration consultant
  • attention to cultural aspects and life experience
  • capabilities and capacities of the employee
  • personal wishes and ambitions of the employee
  • wishes and input from the employer
  • deployment of appropriate reintegration activities
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multilingual talent

integrated language training

Our reintegration programs for non-native speakers are carried out by multilingual reintegration consultants and include integrated language training. This means that people who do not have sufficient command of the Dutch language are enabled to understand the obligations imposed by the Gatekeeper Improvement Act. The natural translation into the mother tongue increases the involvement in the reintegration and creates more understanding about the goal.

track 2 reintegration

When there is long-term absenteeism, a lot is at stake for everyone. Then it is not always easy to look ahead to that dot on the horizon. If language once again plays an impeding factor, this will affect the further reintegration process. In order for this to be successful, it is important that employees understand what reintegration entails.

'Reintegration is much more than quickly finding work again, which is why we at Abtro think in terms of possibilities and speak the same language'

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